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Healing our Relationships, Loving Ourselves by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

A quick glance at the back cover and the table of contents gives you the idea that Sangeet Kaur is addressing some real subjects in some new and interesting ways. In the Chapter, "Sex, Love and Intimacy," she writes,"Few women really want sex - at least not to the exclusive degree that their male partners generally do. They offer it in the hope of achieving intimacy and love." Sangeet Kaur writes about men's cycles - the 30/70 cycle and the rogue cycle - like she's lived them. And she writes with great compassion, full of stories from real people in real situations in a chapter called "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde vs. The 30 Faces of Eve." Sangeet Kaur brings us deep knowledge from the timeless science of the yoga masters to help us understand how each soul comes to engage its karma and pursue its destiny through a lifetime of relationships. She give us a solid perspective on growing our life differently in the chapter, "Becoming a Noble Woman." As an example, here is a short excerpt from that chapter: "Every moment you create your own reality. Chose a reality of virtues and light. Say "No!" to the negative thoughts. Say "No!" to no. You can create an environment around you that will elevate others. You can become worthy of worship and praise. Is this a control game? You bet it is. It's got a simple title: "Who's in charge here?" you or your mind. Now translate "you" into your soul." The closing Chapter, "The Path to Eden" presents a deep look into how anyone can start a daily spiritual practice with simple yoga and meditation. She calls it the way so establish a personal relationship with God within yourself. This book, now in its Second Edition, contains new material in it but preserves the full original text that has inspired thousands of women and their families over a number of years.

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